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Topic: invisibleSHIELD for your Samsung Intercept (20% OFF)  (Read 8039 times)

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« Reply #15 on: April 23, 2010, 07:10:43 pm »

I don't see any real reviews of this product so I'd like to offer my own.

First off, I had purchased a full body kit using the discount code offered here. I returned it within the 45 days Zagg provided me to return it but somehow the return letter was "lost in the mail", and Zagg currently requires they receive the pieces back in order to issue a refund. Several e-mails later and dealing with a person who I wonder why is answering anything customer issue related, they finally issued a refund. I'm not sure if my mail was "found" or not but it was returned to the address they provided. You must pay return postage for returns and they have stated you should have tracking on the package, but the cheapest you will pay to have any type of tracking would have to be registered US mail for about $3.50. Kind of silly if you're returning something that is only worth $20 and will be trashed upon receipt.

Review: Overall I think this is a good product but I personally did not like it at all on my phone. It totally changes the feel of the screen but I can definitely see this product doing what it has advertised to do. I personally do not like "gushy" feeling screen protectors and had I been able to feel this on someone elses phone prior I would not have bought it.

Good: The body pieces were very easy to install. Enough of the "application liquid" is provided to install every piece on the phone. The diagram provided shows exactly what piece should go where on your phone.

Bad: Installation of the screen piece is a nightmare, especially for anal retentive types like myself. Black 'bits' from the black applicator sponge got sandwiched between the phone screen and my protector and were impossible to see until I had finally powered the phone on after curing and there was nothing I could do about it. There were fitment issues; the feet holes and camera cutout on the battery door piece did not line up, the piece that goes from the camera button, around the microphone to the volume buttons was 1/2" too long and had to be trimmed. The pieces were not completely cut and had to be yanked off and cut. After curing, the edges of the body pieces collected "fuzz" from my pockets since the edges were not clean cut. Also, things will stick to the screen. A friend who has the same phone as me and the Zagg Screen protector only would pull his phone out of his pocket with change stuck on the screen, and then fall off.

Recommendation: I'm sure other people have used this product with no issues but I would not recommend this to a friend. I chose to go the "$5 rubberized case from ebay and cheap chinese screen protector" and am very happy with just that. Zagg makes a good product but I think they have a little work to do with the Intercept pieces.

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